Name(s) of Parent/Guardian/Participants Over 18
Name(s) of Participant(s) Under 18

Hard Hat Heroes Event WAIVER AND RELEASE (Must be signed by parent or guardian if participant is under 18 years old.)

I certify that I have full legal authority to register myself and/or the minor child/children listed above, and that the child has my permission to participate, and that we are in good physical condition, and that the event officials have my permission to authorize emergency treatment, if necessary. By signing below and permitting my child to participate, I voluntarily waive, discharge and release Hart Hat Heroes Event, its affiliates, employees, volunteers and agents and all agencies whose property and/or personnel are used, and or other sponsoring or co-sponsoring company(ies), agency(ies) or individual(s) from any and all liability and responsibility, real or implied, present or future, for any injuries or damages arising from my and/or my child/children’s participation in the Hard Hat Heroes Event and related events.

I also consent to permit Hard Hat Heroes Event, their assignees, transferees, employees and agents (collectively referred to herein as “HHH”) to use, publish and print, without compensation, the names, quotes, photographs, and other images of myself and my child/children in broadcasts, telecasts, newspapers, brochures, and videos, including, but not limited to, such purposes as education, outreach, illustration, publicity, marketing, advertising web content and fundraising. I authorize Hard Hat Heroes to permit the media to have access to the names, quotes, photographs and other images of myself and my child/children and understand that the media may re-disclose the information.

I certify that all information provided in this form is true and complete. I have read the entry information provided for the event and certify my compliance and understanding by my signature below.

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